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Here are our kennels.  We have separate rooms for dogs and cats.  The dogs are separated into a small dog ward that has kennels and a large dog ward which has runs.

Our pet food is stored in the small dog ward.  We primarily stock Science Diet food with a limited supply of Purina Veterinary Diets.



We have one 5x6 run, three 4x6 runs, and four 3x6 runs.

This is our dog yard where dogs go out individually or together if they are a family and get along.  They prefer playing in the yard over getting leash walked.  Each dog goes out three times a day.



Baxter (our resident blood donor) has his own yard adjacent to the boarder's yard.





These are our cat kennels.  They are in a separate room from the dog wards to help relieve stress on our feline friends.